You might remember that the widespread controversy surrounding Lena Dunham and the section of her book where she describes “a story about being a weird 7-year-old” (and what others call child molestation) began with a tweet in which she wrote off the charges as “a right-wing news story.” Sure, it was in an article about Dunham in National Review that Kevin D. Williamson quoted the most disturbing passages from Dunham’s book verbatim — passages that the mainstream media overlooked completely.

As Twitchy demonstrated, it wasn’t only right-wingers but a wide range of people who found the revelations disturbing. “I need @lenadunham to understand that it’s not just straight white conservative men that are disgusted by these latest revelations,” wrote an African-American attorney. “How are you a feminist if you are normalizing the fact that you molested your little sister?” asked another young woman.

So, guess who has arrived to blame right-wingers for ignoring the words of Dunham’s younger sister Grace? It’s Cosmopolitan senior political writer and Feministe blogger Jill Filipovic, who even takes feminists to task.

Time for school.

Who’s ignoring her? Dunham tweeted that “I wish my sister wasn’t laughing so hard” — so it’s all good, right?

Again, check Dunham’s original tweets, where she talks about having “looked at another little kid’s vagina.” The book itself recounts far more than “looking.”

Time to normalize some behaviors.

Let it be noted for the record that Filipovic and Dunham, and not the “far-right,” think molestation jokes are funny and tongue-in-cheek.

Well, that didn’t produce the expected response. Back to the safer waters of bashing right-wingers who dared quote directly from Dunham’s book.

* * *


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