Were investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s work and home computers hacked? We’ll know a lot more when Attkisson releases her book “Stonewalled” next week and sits for TV interviews. The Washington Post did publish a summary of the book last Monday, and it seems that it is from this summary that Vox has come to the conclusion that “there’s not much reason to trust her conclusion that she was hacked.”

“…it seems more likely that she suffered from garden variety technical glitches that had nothing to do with government surveillance,” writes Vox’s Timothy B. Lee. “And strangely, the security expert Attkisson says confirmed her allegations has refused to talk to the Washington Post about it, citing a confidentiality agreement. This doesn’t inspire confidence.”

Breitbart’s John Sexton has read Vox’s argument, and he’s not convinced in the slightest.

Now that isn’t hard to believe.

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