Two men are hosting Saturday what they’re calling the St. Louis Open Carry/Firearm Education Walk to the Gateway Arch. According to the event’s Facebook page, the purpose of the walk is “to raise awareness of the right to keep and bear arms under the Federal and Missouri State Constitutions.”

Rules of the march were few:

SLUNG long guns are welcome *with proper muzzle control*, as are holstered pistols.

This is an educational walk, not a militia gathering, so please leave “Don’t Tread On Me!” flags/clothing, signs, camo, and grungy clothes at home.

Children (unarmed of course) are welcome and encouraged.

Though there was some talk of protesting the Second Amendment event, most of it seems to have been only talk, aside from a few signs and some chalk outlines.

Funny — the organizers made no mention of the march being a whites-only event.

@damoncox2 There’s a open carry/concealed Carry March today. These Mfers are blatantly saying we will shoot u nigger & get away w it @bassem_masri @deray

The marchers had encouragement as well.

St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay? Not interested.