As Twitchy reported yesterday, American Bridge president Brad Woodhouse pushed to the media a video of what was thought to be Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue signing a young woman’s torso. “We saw something awkward in our footage and gave it to a reporter without comment because we weren’t sure what we had,” Woodhouse tweeted to Politico reporter Dylan Byers.

Woodhouse certainly thought he knew what he had, and Buzzfeed ran with it, inspiring readers to call the video of Perdue “weird,” “super awkward” and “creeptastic.” Turns out that Perdue was signing the young woman’s insulin pump at her request, leading Buzzfeed to perform some emergency surgery on its original piece.

“Update: Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue signs girl’s diabetic pump to help her campaign to raise awareness. The video was originally falsely reported as Perdue signing a young woman’s torso,” wrote Buzzfeed in a correction. There was another correction as well: “The American Bridge tracker footage did not capture the whole scene, according to the Perdue campaign.” A final correction: “The people holding signs in the video were Perdue supporters, but were not campaign staffers, according to the campaign. This post stated otherwise and has been updated to reflect that.”

Most important, though, was an update from the family of the young woman herself added at their request:

This video is extremely disrespectful to our family and our young daughter’s privacy. We were shocked when we discovered this being taken out of context because our daughter requested to have her diabetic pump signed. This is something she has done with multiple other prominent figures and will continue to do in raising awareness for juvenile diabetes. We were surrounded by friends and family who understood our daughter’s desire for privacy. We hope that the media and others will respect our wishes and make this go away for our daughter and our family.

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‘Hi bro sign my pump!!’ Brad Woodhouse gets owned — by his conservative brother