“Melissa Harris-Perry” producer Jamil Smith is right. Even if you don’t seek out articles about the Palins and avoid Talking Points Memo like the plague, today’s post by editor and publisher Josh Marshall, “Sarah, Bristol & The Recurrence Of The Eternal Victim,” needs to be read, if only as a reminder that the Left’s myth of a conservative war on women is as perfect an example of projection as exists.

If you just can’t bring yourself to click over to TPM, this tweet neatly sums up Marshall’s piece.

And who better has it coming than “a buffoon of almost world historic proportions” like Sarah Palin and “battering woman” Bristol, right?

Marshall writes that “it kind of goes without saying that if news emerged that Bristol had been assaulted by a boyfriend or spouse or really anyone else, no one would be laughing. Indeed, I’m not sure anyone now is laughing so much as standing back agape and marveling.” Tell that to CNN’s Carol Costello, who laughed on air at an audio recording suggesting Bristol Palin was assaulted by a man at a brawl in Anchorage.

We could wrap up the post with Smith’s call to never hit a woman, but quite a few more tweeters disgusted at Marshall’s views want to weigh in as well.

But it’s not just any woman; it’s a Palin. And as Marshall writes, “I don’t blame or care if the Palins are defending themselves or making up stories or doing whatever else. That’s just the drama and involuntary performance art that makes up their public lives.”

Do you Palin devotees really believe what you’re hearing on that recording?