Twitchy has reported extensively today on both the official autopsy of Michael Brown, which strongly suggests that Brown wasn’t fleeing when he was shot and didn’t have his hands up, and tweets from several liberals who insisted that was the only sure thing about the case.

Of course, there was another high-profile shooting in the south St. Louis neighborhood of Shaw soon after the Brown shooting. Witnesses at the scene insisted the off-duty police officer involved had mistaken 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers’ sandwich for a gun, leading MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to declare the shooting “a *massive* scandal” if police were lying about recovering a 9mm Ruger at the scene. (They weren’t, and an investigation corroborated the officer’s story that he had been shot at three times.) Lab tests also showed that Myers had gunshot residue on his hand, the inner waistband of his jeans, and on his T-shirt.

Today pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, independently hired by the family of Vonderrit Myers to perform an autopsy, presented his findings to the press.

About that sandwich…

The “sandwich” story has long been debunked, but some still call the shooting an “execution.”