The last time we saw the word “welp” used in conjunction with Ohio Gov. John Kasich — (precisely, “Welp, so much for that guy”) — was in an article about a group in anti-Common Core T-shirts who were allegedly denied entry into a Kasich campaign event. So we’re not too excited to find out what this latest vote of no confidence from the Right is about.

So what did the AP have to say about Kasich and Obamacare that demanded clarification from the governor?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he doesn’t think there will be a repeal in Washington, even if Republicans win a Senate majority and consolidate their hold on the House in next month’s election.

“That’s not gonna happen,” the Republican governor told The Associated Press during a recent re-election campaign swing.

Kasich called The Associated Press Monday night to clarify that he was speaking specifically about a repeal of Medicaid expansion and not of the entire Affordable Care Act — although opponents in Washington don’t usually draw such distinctions.

He has cast the Medicaid expansion in Ohio as a moral choice to help the poor.

Let’s pause to let the governor make his position simple.

Let’s make our position simple.