As Twitchy reported this morning, #Fangate was trending as people learned that Fla. Gov. Rick Scott had objected to beginning Wednesday night’s debate while his competitor, Charlie Crist, had a fan stashed underneath his lectern. Some called it “the moment Rick Scott lost the election,” while “Charlie Christ’s Fan” began tweeting again about his friend “Tanman.”

It’s no surprise that the Crist campaign has tried to capitalize on the newfound celebrity of his fan, but just how long is this joke going to last? Evan Axelbank of WTVT in Tampa Bay was on hand tonight to catch the fan’s opening act at a Crist rally.

Did they carry it in on a red velvet pillow or something? In any case, we hope you like looking at fans.

Here’s a special treat: a view of the fan from Crist’s point of view — if he ever shows up.

Ah, here he is. Any bets whether he mentions the fan?

Any questions from the media? Any real questions from the media?

Let’s hear it for the real fans, the voters in New Port Richey.