Every media outlet is trying to find its own take on the news that a patient has been hospitalized with Ebola in Dallas. Give credit to TMZ.com, then, for finding a way to attach news of the Ebola diagnosis to the entertainment industry.

TMZ tracked down the “star” of the 1995 film “Outbreak” — not Dustin Hoffman or Rene Russo or Morgan Freeman — but child actor Kara Bosworth, for a quick interview. “I can’t stop Ebola this time” reads the all-caps headline.

The little girl who stopped an Ebola outbreak 20 years ago — in the movies, anyway — is right in the middle of the real life outbreak in Dallas … and she’s terrified it can’t be blocked this time.

Kara Bosworth played the hero kid in “Outbreak” back in ’95. She’s the one who captured patient zero — the African monkey that brought Ebola to the U.S. — and as bad luck would have it … she now lives in Dallas.

Kara tells us she’s keeping a close eye on the case everyone’s talking about, but doesn’t plan on fleeing Big D … yet. Kara, now 25, learned a few things from the movie … telling us she won’t run for the hills unless the virus mutates and becomes airborne.