The nightmare of Obamacare has been in the background of public discourse for quite a while now, but Nicole Revels has produced a video that brings the very serious consequences of the Affordable Care Act back into sharp and frightening focus.

Revels interviews “mito mother” Pattie Curran, two of whose three sons have a rare bone marrow failure syndrome called Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, combined with a secondary mitochondrial disease. Curran says her sons’ life-saving compounded medications will be dropped from coverage altogether as of Monday, though her family’s medications and treatments were covered with no denials for years prior to 2011.

Friends of Curran have recently set up a website to collect donations, although Revels says that “Pattie has continuously stated that this is a long-term problem and the best way to help her is to ‘stand up against the tyranny that is Obamacare. Get involved, contact your legislators and stand up with us.'”