Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) announced that he has broken off his engagement with Maria Belen Chapur in a very lengthy Facebook post issued Friday. Did we mention it was a lengthy announcement?

Here’s a very small excerpt:

My question now though is how to respond given I am being summoned to the court room again on Monday. I have prayed on it, thought on it and asked the advice of friends.

Here is where I have settled:

I cannot do this anymore. In all life there comes a point wherein lines must be drawn in the way that we attempt to respond in ways that don’t invite more in the way of conflict and add more in the way of modeling Christ’s humility in giving in every instance. I’ll never get that mix right, none of us do, but I believe it’s what we are to pursue in all of our responses to the inevitable reality of conflict in our lives.

So here are a few thoughts that hit me:

One, in as much as you sign my paycheck and you have elected me to represent you in Washington, I think I owe you my thinking on this personal, but now public matter. More than at any time in my life, I believe I am subject to not just the laws of God, but the authority of my fellow man.


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