ABC News, The Daily Mail and other media outlets are reporting today that the U.S government threatened to prosecute the family of James Foley for funding terrorism if the family paid Foley’s captors ransom money.

ABC News reports:

Obama administration officials repeatedly threatened the family of murdered journalist James Foley that they might face criminal charges for supporting terrorism if they paid ransom to the ISIS killers who ultimately beheaded their son, his mother and brother said this week.

“We were told that several times and we took it as a threat and it was appalling,” Foley’s mother Diane told ABC News in an interview.

She said the warnings over the summer came primarily from a highly decorated military officer serving on the White House’s National Security Council staff, which five outraged current and former officials with direct knowledge of the Foley case also recounted to ABC News in recent weeks.

“Three times he intimidated us with that message. We were horrified he would say that. He just told us we would be prosecuted. We knew we had to save our son, we had to try,” Diane Foley said.

That’s the Foley family’s story — what does the government have to say?

Well, at least there’s no question the Taliban prisoner exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a success, although it did earn President Obama a formal rebuke by the House.

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