The rioting and looting that rocked Ferguson, Mo., last night over the alleged police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown reportedly seems to have continued today, with some reports of rioting (or a fight) at the Galleria in St. Louis.

Some say it was more of a fight than a riot, but enough to bring a hefty police presence.

KTVI reports:

There was a fight on the second level of the mall.  People came running from everywhere to see it.  It was at that point that stores began to close for safety precautions.  The mall is technically still open but only one store is doing business.

This comes one day after demonstrators in Ferguson looted several businesses and set a gas station on fire.  The protesters are upset over a police involved shooting that led to the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. It s not yet clear if the two incidents are related.

Others say that a “riot” at the Galleria had been planned yesterday, on a sort of riot “to-do” checklist.