Judging from the enormous buzz on Twitter, you’d think that every TV viewer in the United States was glued to both Syfy’s “Sharknado 2: The Second One” and a laptop Wednesday night. In fact, the TV movie did draw a respectable 3.9 million viewers, about three times the viewership of last year’s original.

In the newly charted territory of social media and television ratings, there is some question as to the online impact of ‘Sharknado 2,’ however. Syfy network itself estimates that the movie delivered about 1 billion Twitter “impressions,” whereas Neilsen’s Twitter TV places the number somewhere closer to 67.2 million impressions.

Mashable explains a bit more about “impressions,” as opposed to tweets.

The TV movie — about a tornado of sharks, in case you weren’t familiar — generated an estimated 67 million Twitter impressions — a fancy way of saying how many times every Sharknado-related Tweet was seen — in the period three hours before and after its airing, according to social numbers from Nielsen. That’s really big — and ahead of the night’s second most social show, America’s Got Talent, by about 65 million impressions.

No wonder advertisers and others tried to get a piece of the action.

And yes, plans for a ‘Sharknado 3’ are already underway.


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