Majority whip Kevin McCarthy is strongly favored to be the next majority leader following the stunning defeat of Eric Cantor by Tea Party favorite David Brat. However, he won’t be uncontested in his bid.

Today, Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) sent a letter to his House Republican colleagues asking for their support.

His letter reads, in part:

Promoting, by acclamation, a member of the very Washington leadership that has failed to bridge the divide with Republicans outside Washington struck me as exactly the wrong response.  And so, I have decided to stand for Majority Leader – running not against anyone, but for everyone.

The simple fact is, Republicans will never again unite the country until we first unite our Party.

Some might question whether an outspoken conservative from the Class of 2010 could bring us together. But I believe I am uniquely qualified to do just that. Our Conference has the talent, the energy and the ideas equal to the challenges of these anxious times. What we lack is a positive, innovative reform agenda and the courage to implement it.

Throughout America, there is a growing sense that the American Dream is slipping away and that our leaders in Washington aren’t up to the challenge of preserving it.

One problem: