An apartment building in London installed spikes just outside the front entrance to keep the homeless from setting up camp there. As Twitchy reported, people found the idea sickening, horrible, inhumane and psychopathic.

Outrage over a photo of the spikes prompted Slate to publish a feature, “Are Anti-Homeless Sidewalk Spikes Immoral?” Slate’s coverage includes photos of several anti-homeless installations in New York, London, Madrid and elsewhere.

Actress Mia Farrow sent the Slate link along to her followers.

Some are doing more than expressing their disgust on Twitter, however. Occupy Wall Street posted a photo of some “direct action” — “activists” pouring concrete over such a set of spikes.

Whatever the intention, the end result seems a far cry from #HomesNotSpikes. The ledge still doesn’t seem very comfy, but it’s the thought that counts.

This protester seems to have found a simple workaround.


‘Inhumane psychopaths’: Anti-homeless spikes anger Brits