Supporters of Ryan Chamberlain, the manhunt subject who was taken into custody yesterday by the FBI and San Francisco Police Department, are using crowdsourcing to raise a legal defense fund. The organizer of the campaign on says that “Ryan Chamberlain is part of the San Francisco political family and he’s got a great community of friends. He’s a great guy who broke a little bad. Let’s help him out.”

Chamberlain garnered sympathy from some after he posted what read like a three-page suicide note online. “I’ve hit some really dark moments,” he wrote. “I got dark. I got really dark.” He later tweeted that “I explored some ugly websites, a year-ish ago. I was depressed. I let [Breaking Bad character] Walter White get to me.”

Is Chamberlain just misunderstood? The manhunt began after a search of Chamberlain’s apartment allegedly uncovered explosive materials. A bag reportedly belonging to Chamberlain contained all the makings of an improvised explosive device, or IED.


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