James O’Keefe, who premiered Project Veritas’ “Exposé: Hollywood’s War on U.S. Energy” at the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday, is teasing Part 2 of his latest project with the promise of bigger celebrity names.

Part 1 of O’Keefe’s latest project saw Ed Begley, Jr., Mariel Hemingway, and filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell get awfully excited about a proposed anti-fracking film, which was to be funded by “Muhammad” and his Middle Eastern oil assets. The Hollywood Reporter explains:

In the video … actors Ed Begley Jr. and Mariel Hemingway are duped by a man named “Muhammad,” who is looking to make an anti-fracking movie while hiding that its funding is coming from Middle Eastern oil interests.

Muhammad, accompanied by a man pretending to be an ad executive, seemingly has the two actors agreeing to participate in the scheme, even after he acknowledges that his goal is to keep America from becoming energy independent. The meeting, which appears to have been secretly recorded, took place a few months ago at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

(O’Keefe has also released the nearly four hours of raw, unedited video for those concerned about editing tricks.)

So, which celebrity names should we expect next?



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