Vogue editor-in-chief and Obama campaign bundler Anna Wintour might not have been made U.S. ambassador to Great Britain or France, but she was honored Monday by first lady Michelle Obama, who dedicated the refurbished $40 million Costume Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Wintour’s honor.

That was just a preview of the extravagance to come, as the red carpet was rolled out for the white tie Met Gala Monday night. If your invitation got lost in the mail like ours, you can still bask in the splendor of the lefty 1 percent thanks to Twitter.

First lady Michelle Obama, Queen Beyoncé and more? They all look fabulous, but we can’t help thinking that at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.

A wish from Katy Perry:

Sorry, no tacos, but have a look at the menu with Ronan Farrow.


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