As Twitchy reported, people searching CNN’s website for news on the arrest of Democratic California state Senator Leland Yee were coming up empty today. One Twitter user, in his search for news on Yee, approached @CNNWriters.

Well, there is that whole gun trafficking arrest. But if CNN covers state senators just about never, why does a search for Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis pull up pages and pages of information?

It is a pretty interesting story. San Francisco’s CBS affiliate has been keeping an eye on the case.

The charges against Yee include conspiracy to deal firearms without a license, conspiracy to illegally transport firearms, six counts of a scheme to defraud citizens on his services, and wire fraud. A handcuffed and shackled Yee was released on a $500,000 unsecured bond Wednesday evening and was scheduled to return to court Monday to revisit the terms of his release.

Hop to it, CNN!


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