Lou Pelletier, the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, appeared on “The Kelly File” Tuesday night to again shine light on his daughter’s year-long dilemma.

The New York Daily News gives the background of the case:

Doctors at Tufts Medical Center claim Justina is suffering from mitochondrial disorder, a genetic disorder that affects how cells produce energy. But when her regular doctor was unavailable, Justina was brought to Boston Children’s Hospital, where doctors decided that her symptoms were psychosomatic—meaning, they were the result of a mental illness.

Boston Children’s Hospital reported the Pelletiers to Massachusetts’ Department of Children and Families for over-medicating Justina. The state assumed custody of the child.

Since then, the Pelletiers have said that their daughter’s condition worsened dramatically. They claim the child hasn’t been properly cared for or given access to education. The parents aren’t allowed to take photos of Justina, but say that her stomach is bloated and that there are red lines running along her abdomen. The child now uses a wheelchair to get around.

Viewers have rallied around the #FreeJustina hashtag.