As Twitchy reported Saturday, Remington Outdoor Company will be expanding into Huntsville, Ala. The company made it official today with a press conference. Remington will move into Huntsville’s old 500,000-square-foot Chrysler plant, creating around 2,000 jobs in the process.

Some had speculated that Remington would be moving jobs out of its Ilion, N.Y., facility, but CEO George Kollitides said that unprecedented demand for the company’s products led to the search for a new plant and creation of new jobs. “With demand for our products at an historic high and more new product launches planned for 2014 than ever before in our 200-year history, we are investing in the future,” Kollitides said.

According to the Military Times, Remington had been courted by no fewer than 24 states during its search for a new manufacturing facility.

Kollitides said Alabama’s state motto — “We Dare Defend Our Rights” — “says it all.”