The NFL yesterday released its 144-page investigative report into the alleged bullying that drove Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin to leave the team. At the center of the report was Richie Incognito, whom radio host Larry Elder says was “double-crossed” by his teammates.

The report concludes that it’s unclear what role race had to play in the harassment, even calling Incognito and two other players “equal opportunity harassers”:

But the issue of whether Incognito’s ultimate motivation for his persistent harassment of Martin was in part racial animus is complicated by the fact that John Jerry (who is black) and Mike Pouncey (who is bi-racial) often joined Incognito in the abusive behavior. Presumably, they would not have followed Incognito’s lead if they thought he had selected Martin for abuse out of racial animus. It also is significant that Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey subjected a number of other linemen to harsh treatment. Most are black, but at least one is white (Nate Garner). Indeed, many players thought Garner was treated the worst. This suggests that Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey were equal opportunity harassers.


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