Dong Nguyen, the Vietnamese developer behind the hit mobile game “Flappy Bird,” has tweeted that he’s pulling the game from the virtual shelves Sunday. It’s unclear from his tweets why, but he assures followers that it’s not a legal issue, and he’s not interested in selling the game to another developer.

We don’t know if he’s deleting it forever. The game has enjoyed enormous success, making Nguyen a sort of celebrity. Earlier this week, though, he asked to be given “peace.”

He’s also been criticized for lifting artwork from other games, such as Nintendo’s “Super Mario World.” And some people contend it’s just a terrible game, despite its popularity. Anyone who hasn’t experienced “Flappy Bird” might want to download it today. Be careful not to “overuse” it, though, as Nguyen suggests in this impromptu Twitter interview.

A word of caution for those picking up “Flappy Bird” before it disappears: