That’s Business Insider’s Josh Barro responding to self-described “tech-head” and “data nerd” Patrick Ruffini, who asks:

Where are the right-wing equivalents to these elite institutions in the United States? Barro believes there aren’t any, because of the “anti-intellectual” nature of American conservatism. Naturally, Barro’s tweet captured the imagination of Twitter conservatives, who decided to give Mr. Business Insider the business.

So much eliteness! Nah, not really.

What is “elite,” anyway?


This elite Barroing stuff is hard to follow. Perhaps we should consider this unexpected defense of American conservatives, from BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins of all people.

See, stupidheads? You not elite, you stupid.


‘Elitist primal scream’: Josh Barro declares that Father Government knows best