It seems to have begun with a lengthy piece at The Nation entitled, “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars,” in which Michelle Goldberg examines the Internet as “a crucial place for feminist organizing.” Not all feminists believe they have an equal place at the virtual table, however. The Washington Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch noted that “the most striking aspect of Michelle Goldberg’s article is the way Twitter is being used to silence those deemed to be not progressive enough.”

“From a right-of-center standpoint,” Bunch observes, “it’s interesting to watch the left grapple with their norm that one need not intend to act as a racist to in fact be a racist…. I’ve always been bemused by the left’s insistence that a failure to intend offense wasn’t a defense against causing offense, so I’m glad to see some of these activists wrestling with the norms they have championed.”

That struggle surfaced Friday in the form of the #WhiteFeministRants hashtag, which landed among Twitter’s trending topics Friday. Which posts are sincere and which are parody we’ll leave for you to decide.

Twitter fight: #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen calls out progressives of pallor