Now that you mention it, we do remember Chad Henderson. He is, as Buzzfeed puts it, the guy “who made news in October for telling the world he had signed up for Obamacare without actually having done so.” Henderson, an Organizing for Action volunteer, was in demand by a lapdog media that needed an early October Obamacare success story. Here’s the Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff from Oct. 3:

In fact, he hadn’t. Conservative Texas Rep. Steve Stockman soon after invited Henderson to be his guest at the State of the Union address.

The thing is, Henderson has taken Stockman up on his offer. He’s arrived for the SOTU address, and guess what: he brought a printout of his Obamacare enrollment confirmation and his first bill. We don’t know if he has paid up yet, but see — when he told the press he’d signed up, he was sincere about meaning to actually sign up, eventually.

So, it looks like Obamacare’s a huge success; that one guy did sign up after all.

Last year, Stockman offended many by inviting Ted Nugent as his guest, which gave us this awesome photo of Ted Nugent and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. Tonight, though, another chapter will be written in “the legend of Chad.”


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