Last Christmas, Reuters suddenly started worrying about Santa’s safety, fretting that America’s planned East Coast missile defense system might shoot him down. We weren’t worried then, and we’re not worried this year either, considering that Santa will be flanked by fighter jets as NORAD tracks his journey around the world.

As the Washington Times reports:

 The North American Aerospace Defense Command again will track Santa Claus’ progress on Christmas Eve, but this year the jolly old elf’s sleigh will be escorted by two U.S. fighter jets.

“The aircraft are not armed,” said NORAD spokesman Navy Cmdr. Bill Lewis, adding that “we are using satellite systems, radars, fighter jets” to ensure St. Nick’s safe passage around the world.

NORAD, which has tracked Santa’s flight since 1955, also will use a new interactive website — — to display his path this year.

Not only are the two aircraft not armed; they also [spoiler warning] don’t exist. Still, the fighter jets some have up in arms, while others are glad to see the military presented in a positive way. Roll your eyes or nod along as warranted: