What bias? We’re aware of that Pew poll that found MSNBC’s programming is 86% liberal opinion and only 14% news. So it’s not surprising that MSNBC would declare Texas Rep. Steve Stockman a Twitter troll. After all, Stockman’s an unapologetic conservative who speaks his mind, so of course to MSNBC that’s considered “trolling.”

The proof? MSNBC’s Irin Carmon and Nisha Chittal reproduce, under the headline “Rep. Steve Stockman’s most outrageous abortion tweets,” 10 of Stockman’s tweets that comprise “Steve Stockman’s Twitter War on Women.” For example, check out his tweet that demonstrates “His I-know-what’s-best-for-women approach to describing abortion.”

Yes, despite Wendy Davis’ filibuster, Texas did pass a law that would hold abortion clinics to higher medical standards and require them to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals in the case of complications. That tweet doesn’t sound like trolling to us.

Well, how about the “time he was dismissive of women who want control of their reproductive decisions.” Behold:

What a troll, huh? And this guy wants to be a Senator? MSNBC can’t let that happen, can it?


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