We and others have slammed PolitiFact before for being biased. And for good reason — it is biased. Last year’s “Lie of the Year” went to a truthful Mitt Romney ad about Jeep sending production to China. Curiously, this year’s Lie of the Year was originally rated — well into the 2012 campaign — as “half-true.”

That’s right: “If you like your plan, you can keep it” is PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year for 2013. And seriously, with millions of insurance plans canceled, how could it not be? Which half of “If you like your plan, you can keep it” was true again?


No, we don’t have to play that game anymore. President Obama’s promise was an outright lie. Even PolitiFact can’t spin that.

It certainly could be, once we’ve seen the full extent of the damage done by Obamacare. How many more doctors will announce they’re being forced out of practice?

Townhall’s Guy Benson does the math: add one PolitiFact “half-truth” (you can keep your plan) to another Politifact half-truth (you will keep your health insurance) and you have yourself the makings of one whopper of a Lie of the Year.

Let’s not give PolitiFact too much credit for giving in to the inevitable.