Ask and ye shall receive! Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher wasn’t amused by conservatives’ reaction to the creepy #WHYouth hashtag put out by the White House this week in advance of the White House Youth Summit. Townhall’s Katie Pavlich took notice as well, writing, “I know we’re not supposed to make references to Hitler, but the latest move by the White House makes it really hard not to.”

Christopher responded, writing, “This is the fundamental conservative misunderstanding about everything from racism to misogyny to any other concern that they can dismiss as “political correctness”: you’re not supposed to do, or not do, anything, but what you choose to do, or not do, says something about you.” We don’t quite understand that sentence either, but Pavlich made it clear she as a conservative woman knows what misogyny is.

More like, the White House’s fundamental misunderstanding was the historical connotations that would be inextricably linked to a hashtag like #WHYouth.

He only criticized all conservatives, not Pavlich.

What was that about misdirection?

That’s the second pass, right?