We’ve already seen evidence that real-life kids are being saddled unfairly with Common Core-aligned math textbooks that are plain junk. So who wants to see the popular American Girl doll hauling around a Common Core math textbook? A Common Core-aligned Pearson textbook is included in American Girl’s school backpack set.


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American Girl has responded to criticism of its Common Core product placement.

Mattel has also responded.

“Apparently, even the American Girl Dolls cannot break away from a large publisher like Pearson,” writes elementary school principal and blogger Peter DeWitt. “Clearly, this mini-textbook will expose the American Girl Doll to the Common Core State Standards. Perhaps it will even prepare her for the Common Core State Assessments. We are still uncertain how the doll will be able to take the on-line assessments when they happen in 2014-2015 school year.”