As she noted in her tweet, Hilary Rosen has stood up for Alec Baldwin before, when he was under fire for calling Daily Mail reporter George Stark a “toxic little queen” and threatening to insert a boot into a certain body cavity. Rosen couldn’t defend Baldwin’s mouth, but she did suggest she knows the actor’s (and now MSNBC host’s) heart, and could vouch that he was not a homophobe.

Following yesterday’s encounter with a photographer whom he deemed a “cocksucking fag” — or perhaps “cocksucking fathead,” according to his acoustic analysis — Alec Baldwin seems to have lost his free pass with Rosen, who now advises him to “just be quiet.”

That he did. Andrew Sullivan yesterday called Rosen “terminally naive” in a post about Baldwin’s liberal enablers, but what seems terminal is her tolerance for Baldwin’s homophobic outbursts.


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