Craig Thomas, co-creator and executive producer of CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” had a close call today at Los Angeles International Airport that has him calling for an “emotional, not political” look at more strict gun control laws in the United States.

That would be terrifying, and video from the scene shows the panic and terror that swept through the terminal. Would even more strict gun control laws be able to eliminate the fear, though? Thomas notes that his appeal for tougher gun restrictions is based on emotion, not politics.

Getting a gun isn’t exactly easy, and all Obamacare jokes aside, it’s not easier to kill someone with a gun than to get health insurance, despite what Bette Midler says.

That’s a thought, but it implies that guns have never been used in defense. We’ve also heard horrifying stories of women being raped in campus “safe zones” who were denied the right to carry concealed weapons. What if gun laws were passed from that perspective, and not from the perspective of men who think women should arm themselves with whistles and use the buddy system as self-defense?

Try it first? Try what first? And if it doesn’t work? America’s not the best at rolling back infringements on freedoms once they’ve been curtailed.

Guns down? Sounds good, but criminals — you first.