September’s jobs report was delayed due to the government shutdown, but by most accounts it wasn’t worth waiting for. “Maybe the federal government should have stayed shut down,” writes Jim Pethokoukis, noting that job growth was “unexpectedly” weak, with nonfarm payrolls increasing just 148,000. Isn’t a poor report always unexpected?

So, the jobs picture went from mediocre to mediocre. For perspective, Pethokoukis calculates that at 143,000 jobs a month, “it would take until 2022 — eight years and 10 months — before the job market returned to pre-Great Recession levels.” That’s if momentum stays steady.

Monica Crowley has her suspicions why the economy might be stalling.

Rep. Nancy found “some progress” in the numbers, but more work to be done.

She manages to do that a lot under the Obama administration, month after month, year after year.