In his Rose Garden presentation yesterday, President ShamWow reminded more than a few people of either a car salesman or Walter White from “Breaking Bad.” Quickly glossing over the “glitches” plaguing, he insisted the product was good and the price was good. Still not sold? What else you got?

Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have picked up on the #ButWaitTheresMore hashtag, but everyone’s allowed to play.

Ready to sign up? Don’t answer just yet.

Operators are standing by … to refer you back to the website.

Even Consumer Reports says to avoid the website for at least a month if at all possible.

Editor’s note: We have replaced the thumbnail for this post with the original ShamWow Photoshop that was posted on in 2009.


Heckuva job, President ShamWow! Americans: ‘I lost my job due to Obamacare’