We already know that the “glitchy” train wreck that is HealthCare.gov departed from Canada; specifically, from a company named CGI Federal. This morning, President Obama suggested that those who are unable to log on try the 800 number instead, which many say gets them little more than operators directing them back to the broken website.

This Twitter user beat the rush by calling last night, and found that those involved in the Obamacare rollout aren’t answering questions on a lot of things. For example, when asked, this operator apparently answered that “even if I were American, I am not supposed to tell you.” (We’re told the operator did say he was in the United States but could not divulge which state “for security reasons.”)

Even if I were American? That’s a pretty big clue right there. The Huffington Post reported last month that Cognizant Technology Solutions, one of the top firms for procuring H-1B visa workers, was “set to charge Illinois up to $109.28/hour, or $218,560 per position per year,” to help with the state’s Obamacare rollout.


Yes, White House, can you confirm that for us? And are American citizens answering that number you gave out?