You might remember the name J.D. Mullane from Twitchy’s extensive coverage of the Kermit Gosnell murder trial. Mullane, a columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times, was the one who tweeted the photo of the empty rows of seats reserved for the news media at the trial.

Today, Mullane noticed a curious use of the word “fetus” in the New York Daily News’ coverage of a horrifying story: a security guard at a midtown Victoria’s Secret store stopped two 17-year-olds suspected of shoplifting and found a “dead fetus in a plastic bag.”

This happened on Thursday. One of the two teens had claimed she’d given birth to the newborn on Wednesday, and the Daily News reported that “the baby was swaddled in some clothes.” [Emphasis ours.] The headline for the story: “Security guard at midtown Victoria’s Secret discovers dead fetus in bag of apparent teenage shoplifter: police sources.”

Not to overlook the serious tragedy of the story, but how is a newborn baby delivered on Wednesday a fetus again on Thursday when it’s found dead in a plastic bag?

#ScienceSaysSo. Not to the Huffington Post, though:

Mullane noted that CBS New York called the baby a baby throughout its coverage.


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