We didn’t know either that there was a “blog of record about White House food initiatives, from policy to pie,” but now that we know, we’re not surprised. As Fox News’ Brit Hume notes, all the other pews in the church of Obama worship are full, so why not?

Unfortunately, we stumble across “Obama Foodorama” at a very sad and sensitive time — it seems that, due to the government shutdown, first lady Michelle Obama’s stunt garden showcase plot — “usually curated with obsessive precision, a masterpiece of living installation art” — is “filled with unharvested vegetables and weeds, and wildlife running amok.” We were a bit distracted by the vindictive barricading of America’s open-air war memorials and national parks to notice, but the mainstream news outlets have been on top of it.


Couldn’t they just put tiny little squirrel-sized Barrycades around the garden until the full garden staff is back on duty?

Apparently it does. A source told Obama Foodorama that “gardeners are not allowed to harvest the crops” under a mandate for minimal maintenance. “Right now, gardeners are allowed just two activities:  Watering and removing trash.”

Breaking news: it’s not just squirrels.