What inspired Ana Marie Cox, political columnist for the Guardian U.S., to wax poetic on Obamacare today? It looks like it was this tweet from Sen. Ted Cruz. Remember that President Obama defended the “glitches” that continue to plague the Obamacare website by comparing them to the rollout of Apple’s (relatively seamless) new iPhone and iOS 7 operating system.

Makes sense to us. Cox didn’t seem to think so, although again, keep it mind: it was Obama himself who said that HealthCare.gov was a lot like Apple’s iOS 7. You know, glitchy.

What could go on for years, the hashtag game or the effort to create an account on HealthCare.gov?

The president might have conceded that the Obamacare rollout was “glitchy,” but Cox has a bigger problem with the president’s signature legislation.

How is Obamacare not like the iPhone, despite what the president says? Let Sen. Cruz count the ways.

Any other things that Obamacare isn’t that are important to know?

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