No, silly, Joan Walsh wasn’t calling the veterans at this weekend’s Million Veteran March a “hate group.”

So, to clarify, the lone anonymous clown who brought a confederate flag was a hate group. No wonder no Democrats showed up to support the veterans and their cause.

We can see where it might be difficult to remember any high-profile Democrat politicians hanging out with left-wing hate groups. If you consider the Weather Underground just a bunch of “activists” led by a guy in your neighborhood, you might have a problem identifying hate groups right under your nose, God bless them.


We reached out to Twitter for examples to help jog Joan Walsh’s memory.

Why, just today Sen. Barbara Boxer called former Ku Klux Klan Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd “one of the great senators and historians.” Nice grasp of history there.

You just know those World War II vets were burning Obama in effigy … in their minds.

Oh, is that what the Barrycares around the nation’s open-air war memorials are called now? The White House gates? We like Barrycades better.