Obviously no, there’s no feature of an EBT card that indicates race, but a few Twitter trolls quickly popped up to posit the idea during today’s blackout of the EBT processing system in 17 states.



Yes on both counts.

Today’s very real shutdown of EBT processing can be traced to a “routine test of backup systems” by vendor Xerox that knocked out government-issued debit cards across the country, according to the AP. (Or maybe it was a computer system upgrade or a power failure, as CBS reported.) Whatever the cause, the race police, including “What’s the Matter with White People” author Joan Walsh, were out to shame those who would bring race into an already tense situation.

Mocking and EBT cruelty? Sure, there are trolls making jokes, but the folks on the Right have been the ones sounding the alarm bells about the perils of government dependence, while well-off Democrats pretend to be on SNAP benefits for no good reason that we can see, other than to be seen. Wanting people independent of government assistance is not cruelty.


The good news, for the moment:


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