CBS is reporting that a “possible glitch” in a computer system upgrade was likely responsible for rendering EBT cards useless across much of the country Saturday afternoon. Computer glitches have been testing Americans’ patience and preventing them from signing up for health insurance under Obamacare for two weeks now, but it took only hours of the EBT glitch for talk to turn to fear, panic and even rioting.

President Obama might have dismissed the glitches on the site as simple, unavoidable growing pains, but if the reaction to the EBT shutdown is any indication, the government needs to get things in order quickly if there’s to be any confidence in its ability to administer Obamacare nationwide.

We’re hoping talk of rioting is just talk, but the fact that is still broken after nearly two weeks doesn’t lend much confidence to the idea that the EBT system will be back up quickly. There’s a lesson in here somewhere.