Please, please let Chuck Todd’s upcoming book about President Obama actually be titled, “Book about President Obama,” as it currently appears on

Chuck Todd book

Will it be called “The Stranger”? Amazon’s description continues, with possible NSFW talk about Todd and something called an “Obamism”:

In THE STRANGER, NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd draws upon his unprecedented inner-circle sources to create a gripping account of Obama’s tumultuous White House years. In doing so, not only does Todd give us the most revealing portrait yet of this fascinating president and his struggles, but illuminates what “Obamism” really is, what the president stands for, and how his decisions have changed–and will change–American politics for generations.

We don’t know the final title, but we do know it will be “nuanced.” What else would the world expect from NBC’s award-winning White House correspondent and water-carrying palace guard? But will it have special coloring pages for the vice president?

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