You know the rollout of Obamacare’s online health insurance exchanges is bad when some liberal pundits have been thankful for the government shutdown, if only because it’s a distraction from the train wreck that is National Journal’s Ron Fournier calls it “maddening” that the badly broken website is eroding people’s faith in the Affordable Care Act.

Another way of looking at it: isn’t the disastrous rollout a good indicator of what’s to come? Did anyone expect a train wreck to come with a smoothly run website?

Heads really ought to roll, though. President Obama doesn’t hesitate to remind us that Obamacare has been the law for three years now — isn’t that enough time for anyone (but the government) to put together a secure, working e-commerce website?

Here’s an idea we’ve heard before that makes a lot of sense.

Or delay it all, forever?