The hashtag of the day for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is #JustVote, although as the Washington Times reports, the House has voted 26 times since Reid last called for a floor vote in the Senate nearly a week ago.

Though they’ve been accused of being anarchists, arsonists and hostage takers, no one’s accusing the House GOP of being the most effective communicators. They’re making an effort today, though, to get out the message that despite the government shutdown, the House has been busy passing bills to fund the government.

Remember the fuss Democrats made about the SNAP program, with several members of Congress taking the SNAP Challenge and living for a week on the equivalent of food stamps? The bills sitting on Harry Reid’s desk include continuing appropriations for the SNAP program for 2014, as well as money for FEMA and compensation for furloughed government workers. President Obama even scolded the House from FEMA headquarters today.

While the White House cherry picks which parks and websites to shut down, Reid has made it clear that he won’t allow Republicans to “cherry pick” programs to fund — not even SNAP. Fund food stamps for women and children? Why would Harry Reid want to do that?