Loyal Twitchy readers likely escaped a rebuke from Politico reporter Jennifer Epstein tonight, who made it clear that President Obama did not golf this weekend despite having an empty schedule. A tweet promoting her Politico article, “Government shutdown, cancelled trip leaves Obama schedule empty,” had plenty thinking the president took the opportunity to hit the links.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, the president did not go golfing despite summer-like conditions in and around Washington, nor did he leave the White House. Most reporters speculated that decision was based on the poor optics of golfing during a government shutdown that closed open-air monuments and national parks. As Epstein mentioned in her own piece:

Also notable is what Obama is not doing. Aware of the optics of even the most casual outing, the Obamas stayed in to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary on Thursday, and the president stayed off the golf course over the weekend.

Epstein herself said it was notable that Obama wasn’t golfing, so what makes these people trolls, besides not having read to the end of her article? Somehow the American public has gotten the impression that Obama likes to golf, a lot.

Just so we’re clear, President Obama did not go golfing this weekend … and that’s news.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller is the unofficial White House golf statistician; let’s see if he can shed some light on why people assume the president was golfing this weekend.