Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis threw her pink sneakers into the ring today, announcing her 2014 campaign for governor against Attorney General Greg Abbott. Davis and her sneakers became national news when she held a nearly 11-hour filibuster against Kermit Gosnell-inspired abortion regulations that would ban most abortions five months after conception. The legislation, which passed despite the filibuster and a tampon-wielding mob occupying the capitol building, also imposed safety regulations on abortion clinics more in line with ambulatory surgical centers.

That filibuster grabbed the attention of high-profile celebs, earned Davis a glamour shot in Vogue magazine and had many looking forward to a “Wendy Davis 2016” presidential run. Before that, though, she might want to win this campaign, which she kicked off today (marked by MSNBC with the chyron, “Run Wendy Run”). The invocation asked for divine guidance in turning her famous running shoes into combat boots.

But, she’s doing it for the children — the children who were “wanted,” at least.