As Twitchy reported, the usual suspects on the Left were falling over themselves to politicize today’s incident at the White House gates that left one police officer injured. Slate’s Matt Yglesias noted that the police are working without pay today. Actually, it’s very possible that essential personnel like the police, as well as everyone furloughed because of the government shutdown, will be reimbursed for lost wages, but wouldn’t #PayTheCapitolPolice make a great protest hashtag to help #EndTheShutdown?

It’s not enough to reimburse the police, though. Former Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse thinks House Speaker John Boehner should personally apologize to the officer who was injured for shutting down the government — despite having offered up bill after bill to keep the government running.

Has the president called the injured officer yet? Has he called Brian Terry’s family yet? And will Boehner, who led a standing ovation for the police once the lockdown was over and the House reconvened, apologize the next time a hurricane strikes?