Thanks to the power of crowd-funding, filmmaker and independent journalist Lee Stranahan has been in Beirut, Lebanon for about a week, where he hopes to shine a light on the mostly unreported story of Syria’s Christian refugees.

Stranahan has posted a series of “bite-sized” video blogs to YouTube explaining the situation on the ground in Lebanon, and Twitchy is proud to help spread the word about Christian refugees from a terrific reporter exposing what should be all over the U.S. media.

Stranahan beings with a lesson Syria 101 and the players at work, including the (according to Sen. John McCain) “legitimate and moderate” resistance that is partially composed of al-Qaeda members and sympathizers.

Where is the media on this story? Stranahan managed to make it to Beirut on his own with a video camera.

More blog posts and videos can be found at

One last note for the American cable news networks: this setup will get it done if you really want to get the story of the cleansing of Christians from the Middle East out there.

My fancy video blogging rig. The battery hanging there provides power and stability for the tripod.

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